About Nitric Concepts

Nitric Concepts was established in 2018, and since 2019 has been officially affiliated with Minecraft. As a company that creates unique designs, we have been powered by the creativity of our talented staff ever since our establishment.

As a creative and prominent company, Nitric Concepts has been at the forefront of Minecraft designs. With a product range of maps, skin packs, and survival spawns, we have been providing gamers with a unique experience that changes the world of Minecraft and engages fans of the game ever since our inception. If you’re looking for a fun and exciting new way to play Minecraft, then look no further!

The Company

In January 2018, Nitric Concepts was founded in order to build a legacy within the Minecraft community. After a year of producing content inside of Minecraft, they were accepted as an official Minecraft partner. After bringing in talented, creative individuals to the project, Nitric Concepts has created unique and original ideas for the community.

Motivated by a passion for transformation and development, Nitric Concepts is now at the forefront of design, constantly producing a wide range of content for the Minecraft Marketplace. We have been consistently looking for new ways to change things, bring new ideas to the Minecraft world, and expand peoples’ love of the game in ways that have an impact on the way it is played and enjoyed.

As the company progresses, we hope to bring even more entertainment, happiness, and uniqueness to the game and its fans and remain at the forefront of design and creativity.

Official Minecraft Partner

The Minecraft Marketplace allows hobbyists and content creators alike to become official Minecraft Partners. As official partners, we get to do what we love full time by releasing Minecraft projects to the marketplace located on the bedrock edition of the game. Our passion for Minecraft and game development drives us to produce and innovative creations that inspire future generations.

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Official Minecraft Partner