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As a builder, we all want to strive for greater things. Whether it’s learning a new style of building or trying out a new tool to use, and recently someone did just that. Heavensgift, several months back, decided to learn a category of Minecraft building commonly known as “Organics.” In this interview, we will go over his journey and goal to become the best organic builder in the scene. However, before we start, we need to get some background info.

First of all, Heavensgift was the second person ever to be contacted by Nitric Concepts. He has been apart of the team ever since and has been apart of projects such as Isles of Aloha, Dragons Shadow and Wild West. Heavensgift has also gained a reputation in the community for his astounding organics; with over 300 followers and his most recent project getting 275 total likes. Surely he has some Intel to share on the topic!

When & how did you decide to try the organic style of building?

“Well, I decided to build organics about 17 months ago. I saw the build ”The perfect Marrionette” by Dr_bond which spiked my interest in pursuing Minecraft as an art form. The first thing I did was finding a good server to build on where I could learn from good builders. I found a server called Divine Freebuild but after one week of building it closed down. During this period I was looking at all the buildings I could find and was trying to figure out how they were made. The more I looked the more excited I became. Then I searched around for a server that wasn’t too big but still had good builders. This way I could find some people that could teach me the basics of building. Athion was the server where I started my journey officially.”

What are some tools and people that have helped you on the way?

“The first person that helped me start with organics was Rag_man. He was an Athion organic builder who taught me the basic do’s and don’ts of organic building. Soon after, MaltheAugust and Grumpy advised me and showed me the flaws in my first organics. After 2 months of building, I finally met the person who inspired me to start organics (Dr_bond). He helped me a lot by guiding and advising me and showed me his community for organic builders (KiboSculptures). Most builders that are part of it have helped me too. For tools, I would definitely say World Edit and Voxel Sniper.”

How were you first introduced to the business side of Minecraft?

“In my earlier years, I was Co-Owner and Admin on different networks that have sadly stopped. I Picked up a lot from there and met some great people. I left the business side of servers and focused fully on building. The first building team I was part of was Nitric Concepts. I am still in this team and it has been an amazing journey so far. “

To anyone starting organics, what is your recommendation?

“See Minecraft as an art form, try to learn as much as you can about the tools you have at your disposal. Seek out better builders and learn from them. Having a good mindset and absorbing all the information you can will help a lot. Leave your pride aside and learn from advice that people give you. And most importantly keep building consistently.”