Woodland Castle

Welcome to a woodland wonderland! This enchanting castle set in the beautiful forest feels like the kind of place where anything could happen! Leave the city behind you as you befriend forest animals and become one with nature. Feel the magic of this incredible map for yourself!

Do you love animals and wish there was more to see? Now there is! Wild Animals adds 10 new animals including panthers, deer, moose and more! Enjoy your new wilderness home and explore the vast landscape. Can you find all 10 animal additions?

It’s time to reel them in. Enjoy some time at the aquarium, visit five different types of fish, and live in a stylish house in the new Visit the Aquarium map! With a town to explore and so many fish, you’re living the real under the sea dream!

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The Complex facility has no secrets, we swear! We don’t know where you got your information but nobody ever “suddenly disappeared” here. Dangerous experiments? Don’t be ridiculous, next you’ll say that there are aliens here too.
You’re always free to escap- we mean, leave, The Complex.

Role-play as your favorite actors at the grand theater! Many famous people have performed at this theater and your act is up next. What will it be? Juggling? Singing? You decide in Theater Roleplay!

Run! Jump! Ah, take cover! Who knew exploring Mayan temples could be so dangerous? Adventure through this mythical and luscious map, but be careful of all those traps! Finding that treasure won’t be easy, but we know that you’re the right explorer for the job!

Not included: whip and fedora

It’s time for a holiday! Take care of yourself and relax on the Superyacht. Live rich and free, lay back and relax, or have an easy place to hide your hard-mined diamonds. Explore the surrounding islands at your leisure, and use jetskis for travel! The world is your oyster!

You can now be a sports star in your home city! Hone your skills to be the greatest athlete or challenge your friends at different activities. Many adventures await you at Suburban Sports!

Live your Jurassic adventures with this stunning dinosaur map! Admire the stunning buildings on the back of this majestic stone dino as you discover this amazing map, filled with special treats! Psst, don’t waste your time breaking the dinosaur eggs, there’s absolutely nothing hidden inside! Nothing at all!